CPAC Meeting, November 10th


Ashley Smith Juarez a member of the Duval County School Board (DVSB) discussed the ongoing effort towards retaining quality teachers and allowing the underperforming teachers to “‘self-select’ another career”. While discussing improvements in the schools she said that all middle and high schools in Duval County now have Deans of Discipline. She also touched on the following points during her discussion:

Duval County now has a 72.1% Graduation Rate the highest in its history

Duval County now has 8 Nationally Recognized High Schools

Duval County now has 5 State of Florida top 100 Middle Schools

Craig Field Jax/Ex Airport

Blue Sky Golf Course is now open. The public is encouraged to take advantage of this updated / recently renovated facility. Craig Field – Jax/Ex Airport won the “Community Affairs Award” for 2014 from the Florida Airport Council.

JSO Property Crime is down almost 3% and Violent Crime is down almost 2% over last month.

Mayors Liaison No Report from the Mayor’s Office.Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) – No Report from the FDOT.

Code Compliance The code compliance department is fully staffed in Arlington for the first time in several years. As they are correctly staffed and trained, they will become proactive in their enforcement of code violations. Their focus in November is the Woodland Acres area of Arlington. Due to their understaffing in the past, they would respond to concerns expressed about a particular property and not note issues with adjoining properties. Now since they are fully staffed, they will be able to respond to issues at the reported property and examine the entire area for code issues.

Planning and Development – No Report

Office of Economic Development – Operation Dolphin Update, the Chairman of the Greater Arlington Beaches District Citizens Planning and Advisory Committee reported that the funding for this project has a ‘clearer path’. The funding that will pay for the initial planning will be put out to bid in the near future.

Land Use and Development AMC Regency Theatre, as has been reported recently in my Arlington Monthly and other local media outlets, the owners of the AMC Cinema on Regency Square Boulevard plan an extensive remodeling and updating of the cinema. As part of that updating effort, they plan on offering a more substantial menu which would include alcohol. It would also include a small bar in the lobby of the theatre. This renovation will cost in excess of six million dollars and includes the replacement of all seats with plush leather rocker reclining seats. They also plan on sound and sight upgrades as well. Under current law, an establishment that sells alcohol must be at least 1500 feet from all churches and schools. The cinema is 528 feet from Global Outreach Charter Academy. The owners of the cinema requested that they be granted a waiver of this minimum distance regulation. The group discussed this waiver for several minutes and a vote was taken. The CPAC voted against the waiver of the distance rule overwhelmingly.


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