CPAC Meeting May 2016


  1. Call to Order/Verify Quorum- Chair Anania called the May 2016 GAB CPAC meeting to order at 6:30 pm. Rosemary Wesolowski verified that a quorum was present.
  2. Approval of the Previous Meeting Summary – Larry Belge made a motion to approve the minutes, Karen Hunter Nowak second the motion, the CPAC members voted and the motion was approved.
  3. Presentation(s): Sheriff Mike Williams, JSO introduced himself to the CPAC and shared his 3 priorities for JSO. Those priorities are: (1.) Lean and efficient operations, (2.) Engage the community and (3.) Reduce violent crime. Sheriff Williams briefly explained each of the priorities.

                 JSO will focus on ShAdCo, Neighborhood Walks, the Neighbor Nextdoor app and improving the JSO website to enhance community involvement. To enhance lean and efficient operations, JSO will be utilizing the Community Service Officers, funnel more juvenile offenders through the Juvenile Civil Citation programs, work with crime prevention programs and look at technology to help streamline processes. Sheriff Williams recognized that reducing violent crime will be their biggest challenge. The Sheriff stressed the importance of getting communities, schools and Faith-based groups together to assist JSO with identifying crime, drugs areas and gangs.

  1. Elected Officials Reports – none
  2. Staff Reports
  • JSO (Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office) – Assistant Chief Mitchell distributed flyers for the upcoming Zone 2 ShAdCo Safety Fair that will be held on May 21, 2016 at Regency Square Mall from 10 am – 2 pm.
  • JFRD (Jacksonville Fire & Rescue Department) – Fire 2 informed the CPAC that JFRD will increase their community involvement and plans are in place for a number of community walks by JFRD.
  • Mayor’s Liaison – Denise Lee – On behalf of Ms. Lee, Housing and Community Development Division Operation Manager Barbara Florio stated that JFRD has plans for 2 upcoming community walks in the GAB District. The first walk will be on May 14, 2016 and Councilmember Morgan will walk with JFRD. The Sign and Tire Buy-back program was a success. The final numbers for the buy-back are not available yet.
  • Duval County Public Schools – Tia Leathers stated DCPS will offer a Reading Extravaganza program on Saturday, May 14, 2016 from 9am – 12 pm in Hemming Park. DCPS is now offering The Parent Academy program. The Parent Academy was launched to promote parental involvement and enhance student achievement. Academy classes will be offered in schools, libraries, community centers, government offices, and faith-based institutions. The Parent Academy will focus on three primary tracks: student achievement, parenting and advocacy, and personal and individual growth.
  • FDOT (Florida Department of Transportation) – Jim Green reviewed the North Florida TPO Transportation Improvement Plan FY 2016/2017. Handouts of the plan were provided to all attendees.
  • Jacksonville Executive at Craig Airport – Tiffany Gillem – on behalf of Ms. Gillem, JAA Consultant, Alberta Hipps announced the April JAXEX event, Wings and Wheels was a big success. The staff of JAXEX hopes they will be able to host the event again.
  • Jacksonville Public Library – Sara Roberts, Region Manager for Pablo Creek Region recognized the 4 libraries in the GAB District: University Park Branch, Regency Branch, San Pablo Branch and the Beaches Branch. Ms. Roberts reviewed the High 5 fund raising campaign for the libraries.
  • JaxParks – Megan Williamson announced JaxParks will be offering summer camp programs again this year. Please check for complete details and locations for summer camp. JaxParks pools will open for the summer season on Memorial Day weekend.
  • JEA – Suzanne Goss alerted the CPAC of a scam that is occurring via phone involving JEA. Unknown individuals are posing as JEA staff and calling JEA customers asking them to pay their JEA bill with various gift cards. This is a scam. Ms. Goss stated that JEA will never call a customer on the phone to ask for payment, nor would JEA ask for payment with a gift card. If you have any concerns about your bill or the scam, please call 665-6000 during business hours Monday – Friday. JEA is working to replace all the in street lights city wide with energy efficient/high illuminating LED bulbs.
  • JTA – Wendy Morrow stated the Skyway operation hours will be extended until midnight for Jazzfest on Friday, May 27th and Saturday, May 28th.
  • Military Affairs and Veterans Department – Bill Spann – No report
  • Neighborhoods Department (Municipal Code Compliance) – Elaine Lancaster announced that Code Compliance will conduct a systematic inspection in the Holiday Hills community soon. Code Compliance will be working a couple of Saturdays in the GAB district in the near future. Code Compliance statistics were provided for the GAB District. From April 11 to May 9, 2016, Code Compliance completed 1843 inspections and there are 1239 active cases.
  • Planning & Development Department – Paul Davis announced he had received a promotion and this will be his last meeting serving the GAB CPAC. Mr. Davis introduced his GAB CPAC liaison replacement, Christian Popoli.
  • Public Works – Steve Long provided follow-up on a couple of Public Works concerns that were brought up at the April CPAC meeting. Mr. Long shared with the CPAC that Public Works has discussed the cleaning/clearing of the Sandalwood Canal.


  1. Subcommittee/Liaison Reports (3 minute time limit)
  • LUZ (Land Use and Zoning)/Governmental Affairs – Mike Anania

                  Approval of 2016 – 0294, the request for a modification of a PUD. The applicant seeks to amend the list of allowable uses in this PUD to include major auto repair. This use is compatible with the surrounding uses and is not substantially different from the approved uses.


Approval of 2016-0295, the request for a modification of a PUD. The applicant wishes to enlarge the showroom space per the manufacturers’ requirement. The request as is does not increase the intensity of the use and incorporates the original PUD’s requirement for buffering, setbacks and landscaping.

  • Beautification/Parks – Larry Belge encouraged the CPAC to visit the Zoo; the new Tiger exhibit is wonderful.
  • Environment – Lad Hawkins – No report
  • Membership – Karen Hunter-Nowak – No report
  • Transportation – Ben Tucker – No report


  • TRUE (Taxation, Revenue, and Utilization of Expenditures) Commission – vacant
  • North Florida TPO – vacant


  1. Neighborhood Coordinator Report – Rosemary Wesolowski announced that the neighborhood coordinators for the six CPACs have been moved to the newly created Neighborhoods Department and will work in the Neighborhood Services Office. Lisa Ransom, formerly of the Planning and Development Department, will be the Supervisor of the Neighborhood Services Office.


  1. Chairs Report – Michael Anania – no report


  1. Unfinished Business – none


  1. New Business – none


  1. Public Comments, Concerns or Announcements (3-minute time limit)


  1. Motion to Adjourn 


The next meeting of the District 2 CPAC will be Monday, June 13, 2016 at 6:30 pm

at the Jacksonville Executive at Craig Airport, 855-1 Craig Drive, Jacksonville FL, 32225





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