Special Request

Your OAI board agreed at our last board meeting that OAI’s mission for 2018 would be to help revitalize homeowner associations. CPAC also has decided to create a special Neighborhoods Committee to essentially do the same thing. As Vice Chair of CPAC I agreed to head up the committee and we will have our 1st meeting Monday, January 29th 5:30-6:30 at Regency Library community room B.

Additionally, City Council President Brosche will be joining us at our February 12, 2018 CPAC meeting and would like to hear recommendations on Parks and Neighborhoods.  It would be helpful if the members of OAI interested in offering their input would either submit their recommendation to Rosemary Wesolowski at Rosemary@coj.net or plan to attend the CPAC meeting at 6:30 pm February 12th held at Craig Airport administration building, and submit their input in writing or during public comment.

Thank you,


Melody Shacter, OAI President