From the Pres

When I first moved to Jacksonville in 1986 I lived in the Baymeadows area, then Jacksonville Beach, then San Marco where I met my husband, we finally settled in Arlington in 1995. This is where we found a home and raised our boys. Like so many Arlington boys before them they had so much to enjoy and explore right in their back yards.

I am excited about the resurgence our our beloved community. We are a community of over 70 unique neighborhoods. We encompass an area that offers river and tributary access, sand hills, majestic bluffs, endless parks of all kinds and historic places. Our neighbors are a multitude of nationalities, from all economic status. I would say we are the most diverse area of Jacksonville. Something we should espouse with pride.

My first order of business as the new president of Old Arlington Inc. was to gather the board and revisit our mission statement. Something organizations should do every four or five years. Thanks to the previous board we only needed to update the mission and clarify our vision. At our April 5th meeting the board approved the new vision and mission statements. This will be our lodestar for the next few years.

The Vision: Old Arlington Inc. champion’s neighborhood improvements and preservation through advocacy, community participation, education, and events that celebrates the uniqueness and character of Old Arlington.

The Mission: Old Arlington Inc. is a non-profit organization whose mission is to enhance and preserve the architecture, culture and history of the community.

I hope you will join us on our journey!


Yours in service,

Melody Shacter, President

Old Arlington Inc.