Hang Outs

An OldArlington.org web visitor from Pennsylvania asks, “Does anyone remember the Biff-Burger fastfood restaurant that went up on Arlington Road in the summer of 1963?”  it was very good, but didn’t last long–i think because of all the other nearby competition, such as the A&W, Krystal, etc.

So tell us folks, what were the good eateries and hangouts of the by-gone days?  Do you have a photo?

Ed Note: The Biff-Burger on Arlington Road was located at the N.E. intersection of Arlington Road and Rogero’s south end (1265 Arlington Road).

2007-02-23: Richard Steeves remembers “Uncle Joe’s:”
“Uncle Joe’s”, home of the foot-long hot dog. Curb service, eat in your car. Pretty girls delivered your order on trays that hooked on the car door…for thoes that had a car. Located on Atlantic Boulevard at Bartram Road

2007-05-17: Web visitor Chris remembers:
There was of course Milligan’s Burgers where the Carpenter’s building is now (Hickory Farms used to occupy). The Hungry Pelican (where Angelo’s is now). Wishbone Fried Chicken next to the Arlington Nursery just south of JU. Arby’s corner of Dickson and University. Bob’s Barbecue (Caribbean restaurant there now). Kings Delight Seafood across from Arlington Elementary. Oh yes, one of the original golden arches (McDonalds) where the pool hall is at Oliver and University.

2007-08-27: Patti Cisson remembers:
The Derby on Merrill Road @ Ceserywas a favorite of our family. We also visited the Dairy Queen a lot when it was on University near Arlington Road as it sold Dilly bars for only 10 cents! We used to love to take the dune buggy over near what is now Hartsfield Road and ride in the big sand bowl. And who could forget the hill on Fort Caroline Road @ Townsend. That was a favorite thrill ride. Also, I’m surprised that there is not mention of Humphreys Gold Mine that created the “dunes” around Regency. Boy, we had some good times in those dunes!

Ed Note: Humphreys Gold Mine is mentioned on several pages, such as Lone Star Stables, Arlington in the Fast Lane, Oakwood Villa, African History Month in Arlington, and Brief History.

2007-09-14: Pamela Peters Roberts remembers
Tony’s Pizza on Arlington Road- everyone from Terry Parker High School in the late 1960s-early 1970s went there after football or basketball games. It was always crowded- lots of music and great pizza. Booths had small juke boxes where you could pick the music you wanted to hear. Great date place!

2007-09-14: Web visitor Pamela Peters Roberts asks
Does anyone remember Beach Road Chicken Dinner on Beach Boulevard. You use to be able to pick up dinner at the back kitchen entrance. I remember your order cam in a big box and the wait to pick up Sunday Dinner after church was a big deal.

2008-01-18: Web visitor Pam Peters Roberts remembers:
Milligan’s Hamburgers were great-I remember my dad would pick up a sackful ( aka a dozen) for $1.00- this was in 1962. There was also some type of eat-in restaurant in a little shopping center right before Arlington Methodist Church-does anyone remember that? Tony’s Pizza on University was THE date night hang out after Parker Football, basketball games. The best chicken was Beach Road Chicken Dinner- I believe it is still there on Beach Boulevard.

Ed Note: Beach Road Chicken was on Atlantic Boulevard and still is in the same location today. People often refer to it being on Beach Boulevard due to Beach Road being part of its name. Atlantic Boulevard was known as the “Beach Road” (the road that went to the beach). Where Beach Boulevard is located, there was a railroad, which was later converted to a street that also went to the beach.

2008-02-01: Web visitor Virgil Melvin remembers:
I live in New Jersey now, but I never go home without going to Beach Road Chicken. Still the best chicken in the world.

2008-04-29: Web visitor David Pilling remembers:
as a kid in the 60s our family was a weekly visitor to beach rd chicken dinner. Its on Atlantic Blvd and may still be there to the day. I remember there was always a line running about half way around the building, but once inside, you would get the best chicken, biscuits, and creamed peas this side of heaven.

2008-07-28: Web visitor Ernie Croucher remembers
The Moody family ran a restaurant and oil business on Arlington Rd, they made really good hambergers I ate many of them. Their was also a place called The Ponga (now sure of the spelling) on Ft. Carolyn Rd that had good food. They use to advertise bonga! bonga! lets go to the Ponga. I still miss Uncle Joe’s I would love one of those foot long hot dog’s. I lived in Arlington in 1951 until about 1966 and I still vist their.

2008-08-05: Web visitor Curt remembers
I am suprised nobody mentioned the Arlington Theatre on Arlington Road. I spent many a Sat. afternoon there back in ’62 and ’63. They were just builing the shopping center across the street and the Biff Burger back then. The Thunder Bird lounge on arlington xway and the Jack&Jill lounge (jax liquors) on Cesery Blvd were pretty good hangouts too.

2009-03-21: Web visitor Sharon Carlan Brown3/25/2009 remembers
The double features at the Arlington Theatre we a must. Not to mention the A&W. When I was little my brother took me to a hamburger place and I had the best Milkshake in the world. I think it was the Biff Burger.