History of Don Francis Richard

Jean (John) Charles Richard branch

Mr. Harry Richard and his son John, descendents of Francis Richard, were guest speakers at the September meeting of Old Arlington Inc.. They gave a very interesting presentation spelling out the accomplishments and a little of the life styles of their branch of the descendents. Harry (80 years of age) lived in Arlington at one time and his son John currently works in Arlington at American Plumbing. Their ties to the original pioneer settler of Arlington, Francis Richard are as follows:


Jean Francois Richard married Maria Ferry in Florence Italy.

Oldest son Joseph Francois (Francis I) Richard


LOUIS JOSEPH FRANCOIS (FRANCIS I) RICHARD born in 1878 in Florence Italy married Genevieve Honorine Bianne in SaintXMarc, SaintDominque (Haiti) 2-18-1873.* They came to US ca. 1780 and came to Arlington ca. 1800. He died in 1818+* and she died in 1821. They had five children, three of which came to the US. The youngest was Jean Charles (John Charles) Richard born 4-5-1797 in Goose Creek, S.C.? (Harry’s ancestor)


Jean Charles (John Charles) Richard. Born in 1797 in S. C.; he was baptized 6-23-1799 in SaintXAugustine. He died 7-10-1859 in Florida. He married Melinda Sherrod Sheffield Tyson 3-24-1824 in Glynn Co. , Ga.. They had 15 Children The first was Judge, Capt. Joseph Robert Richard born 1-26-1825.*


Judge, Capt. Joseph Robert Richard was born 1-26-1825 in Glenn* Co., Ga. He died 11-25-1877 in Alachua Co., Fla. He married Sophronia Antoinette Mitchell 12-8-1867 in Bradford County Florida they had 10 Children one of which was Randolph (Dolph) Roanoke Richard born 9-15-1861 in Florida.

All the above information was taken from a genealogy web site available by link through www.oldarlington.org, then our history, on Arlington Park Cemetery click on our history, on Richard. The following comes from information furnished by our guest speakers.


Randolph (Dolph) R. Richard born 9-16-1861 (Florida). He died 8-5-1940 in Sanford Florida. He married Minnie Bradley 3-16-1888; they had ca. 10 children, the 6th child being Joseph Robert Richard, who was born in 1899. Dolf was Sheriff in Cedar Key.


Joseph Robert Richard was born 8-30-1899 in Florida and died ca. 1949 (family Bible) He married Madolin Mable Taylor 8-31-1926 in Clearwater, Fla. and had ? children, one of which was Harry Richard (our guest speaker) born ca. 1927 in Florida.


Harry Richard born ca. 1927 in Florida (our guest speaker) second oldest descendent of Francis Richard still alive! Harry has been an actor, shrimper, salesman and other trades.

In addition to the presentation, Harry and John had pictures on display as well as a family Bible. He allowed me to scan the family history pages from the bible (4 pages) and the following pictures:

Sophrina Antoinette Mitchell Richard 1829-1928, wife of Judge Joseph Robert Richard Picture was taken ca. 1920 (my guess) (Harry’s Great Grandmother)

Randolph (Dolph) Roanoke Richard 1861-1940, ca. 1911 son of Sophrina (Harry’s gr’dad)

Randolph his wife Minny Bradley 1871-1946, and 4 of their 12 children

Minny Richard and Joseph Robert (Bob) 1899-1949 Harry’s father on the left and Anita, Margaret and Everett on the right.

Two pictures of Bell Richard Brooks 1889-1964, Dolph’s oldest (Harry’s Aunt)

Sidney Richard 1895-1968 (Dolphs son) and his wife Thelma and sons Sid Jr. and Bubby

John William Richard 1892-1966 (Dolphs son) with his tug USED “Ybor” in Jax. 1916

John William Richard on Dredge “Sarasota” Dredge Captain in white believe 3rd fr. Left Group of family at old bldg. Picture taken by photographer at Ft. White

In addition John gave me a copy of the will of Genevive B. Richard dated 1821 and a Genealogy of Don Francis Joseph Louise Richard for our files.