Joyce Morgan Town Meeting Summary


  1. College Park (the former Town & Country Shopping Center) is in progress.
  2. The new roundabout at Arlington Rd and Rogero should be finished by Dec or Jan. 
  3. JU Roundabout:  the transfer of property rights from various concerned parties to the City has been accomplished and first shovel of dirt may occur next month
  4. WAWA on University & Arlington Rd – all the necessary properties have been purchased



    1. There will be a 5 K that starts, goes to Bruce Park and ends at College Park – being organized by Shelley Sharpe of Watson Realty and Arlington 2020
    2. VISION SUMMIT – Arlington Clean Up
    3. GALA Saturday evening
    4. PICNIC at Warrington Park for all of Ms Morgan’s district


  1. Norman Studios properties – the contracts covering various repair/rehab projects are in process
  2. Blue Cypress
    1. Final engineering for the pool, water, etc. has been done
    2. Billy Caspar Golf will be taking over the course management and renovations should be finished by the fall
  3. Warrington Park
    1. Renovated former Senior Center should be opened by the end of 2020
    2. Work includes new basketball courts and landscaping
    3. June 6, 2020 will be a beautification project opportunity for neighborhood
    4. Family Day in September
  4. Bruce Park (next to Lions Club on Arlington Rd) – the septic to sewer (as I understand it) conversion should be completed by September for the 5K


TRASH – the on-going issue

            Ms Morgan prefaced the discussion by emphasizing the erratic handling of Arlington’s trash, yard waste and recycling pick up,  always a big issue for residents.   A representative from Republic spoke at length pointing to the increased volumes that are being generated by residents as the latest obstacle.   This has been exacerbated by the fact that folks are currently sheltering in place with time to clean up of home and property.  His data show:

  1. Tonnages up:                            22% across all types
  2. Regular trash:                            17 %
  3. Recycling up:                              14%
  4. Bulky stuff up:                           22%
  5. Yard waste up:                          36%

In addition sick drivers, because of Covid -19, are not allowed to work under current guidelines so not all trucks are going out as scheduled.


Ms. Morgan asked Mr. Maceo George of University Park to head up a study and solution group.  All with an interest are welcome to join.