CPAC Meeting, January 12

Chris Hand, Chief of Staff, City of Jacksonville, reviewed Pension Reform with the CPAC. Mr. Hand informed the CPAC about the various pieces of legislation that have been introduced since 2011 in effort to reform the current pension agreements. The annual pension impact was illustrated and the monumental increasing costs necessary to fund the pensions.


JSO (Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office) – Sgt. Danny Williams informed the CPAC that crime has fluctuated a bit due to crime statistics over the holidays. Currently, JSO does not have any crime statistics for 2015. Currently, JSO is not tracking and crime trends or patterns.

Mayor’s Liaison – Dave Roman stated that JaxPort, The Chamber of Commerce, the City of Jacksonville and the Riverkeeper have reached an agreement that the Riverkeeper is not going file an environmental suit in regard to the Rodman Dam. In exchange, JaxPort, The City of Jacksonville and the Chamber of Commerce are going to try to move forward with the long standing plan to remove the Rodman Dam in an effort to increase the fresh water flow into the St. Johns River to offset the dredging of the St. Johns River to 47 feet. Opening the Rodman Dam will alleviate some of the concerns the Riverkeeper has about the dredging. The Rodman Dam was part of the Cross Florida Barge Canal and it was stopped in 1968 by President Nixon. It has been a political concern for a number of reasons. Putnam County would like to keep the dam due to
the revenue that it generates in the county by bass fisherman that travel to Putnam County to fish.

Duval County Public Schools – not present.

Regulatory Compliance Department (Code Compliance)- Elaine Lancaster announced that since the November meeting Code Compliance has completed 8 projects in the GAB district. 5 of the projects are related to the Operation Dolphin corridor (this is the second time around), Woodland Acres as a Urban Blight Project, Arlingwood as an Urban Blight Project and Parkridge as an Urban Blight Project. By the end of January, Code Compliance plans to start working in the Sandalwood area. Ms. Lancaster announced that that they have 4 new employees and introduced Kevin Wellman to the CPAC.

FDOT (Florida Department of Transportation) – not present.

Jacksonville Aviation Authority – Tiffany Gillem informed the CPAC that the Monument Road/St. Johns
Bluff landscaping project has been awarded. Expect to see activity over the next 60 days. Ms. McGillem thanked Member Lad Hawkins for all of his work on the landscaping project. Within the next week, there will be some work completed on the control tower; they are working on the HVAC in accordance to the FAA regulations.

Housing and Community Development – Rosemary Wesolowski informed the CPAC that the Housing and Community Development Division is looking into offering training to the community on a quarterly basis. Rosemary inquired if there are any topics that the CPAC would like to have training on? There was a request to have training on the COJ website and on how to utilize the JSO Crime Statistics online.

Planning Department – Paul Davis stated that he did not have an additional report from the LUZ Subcommittee, but he was available for questions.

Public Works – Steve Long, Chief of Right of way and Stormwater Management – not present.

JaxParks –Robert Hall – not present

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