Fairways Forest

Fairways Forest is an established, lovely Arlington neighborhood filled with friendly folks who began buying its 252 comfy, brick homes in the early ’70s. Its first residents were largely newcomers to Jacksonville who were relocated by corporations and the military branches, as well as hometowners wanting to move up to larger, modern homes. Jacksonville, first and foremost, is a Navy town and Fairways Forest is well represented by those who have served and are serving their country.

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The Forest’s sprawling acreage was developed by Lonnie Wurn (deceased), a local attorney/real estate developer who added many communities in this city. The neighborhood is on the south side of Ft. Caroline Rd. and roughly bounded by Hoover Lane on the west, Lencyzk Dr. on the south, and Hermitage Road on the east.

Though the Forest has experienced continual cultural change throughout its years, its flag-flying, signature lampposts and spirit remain. Fairways Forest continues to attract buyers who recognize its well-established charm, character and value.

Residents move into the Forest and tend to remain long into retirement. Many residents volunteer to serve in the civic association, one of the area’s most active, year after year m, character and value.

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