Fort Caroline Club Estates

Fort Caroline Club Estates is one of Arlington’s largest subdivision neighborhoods, emanating from the intersection of Ft Caroline and Rogero Rds. northward to the St. Johns River, and to Lencyzk Drive on the south.

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Fort Caroline Club Estates was developed by Lonnie Wurn and the Wurn Arlington Construction Company beginning in 1958, and was a prime development in Arlington’s first years after the opening of the Mathews Bridge. The development featured a full sized recreation building, swimming pool, tennis courts and a play area all in a spectacular riverfront setting. The amenities were sold in 1962 to the neighborhood association, Fort Caroline Club, Inc. Excluding the recreation building (clubhouse), the Club signed an agreement with the City in 1984 allowing use of the other recreation facilities by the general public, and then sold all of the property to the City in 2001. The clubhouse and pool are still integral parts of the neighborhood and are a source of great neighborhood pride.

Homes in Ft. Caroline Club Estates range from small ranch houses to riverfront mansions. Some prominent examples of mid-century modern architecture can be found, including the 1959 Parade of Homes’ featured site, Geodesica, one of only eight known such houses in the U. S.

The Fort Caroline Club Estates neighborhood is a vibrant part of the Arlington community and has been active in civic affairs for almost fifty years.

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